Governor of West Java

Aher while presenting a seminar at Gadjah Mada University, Nov 2015.


Place / date of birth: Sukabumi / 19 June 1966


– SD Negeri Selaawi graduated in 1980 – SMP Negeri Sukaraja graduated in 1983 – SMA Negeri 3 Sukabumi graduated in 1986 – Faculty of Shariah Islamic and Arabic Sciences Institute (LIPIA) graduated with Degree Lc. (License) with a very good value in Year 1992. – Honorary Doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) from Youngsan University, Busan, South Korea. – Doctor Honoris Causa in Islamic State Administration (Siyasah Syaríyyah) from National Islamic University (UIN) Bandung.


1. Ganesa Prajamanggala Bakti Adi Utama, from Bandung Institute of Technology, Year 2011, for services and dedication in development and development of science, technology and art in West Java. 2. Most Distinguished Planning Innovation Award for Metropolitan Development, from Bandung Institute of Technology, 2013, on initiatives and innovations for the development of Metropolitan and Growth Centers in West Java. 3. Padjadjaran Utama, from Padjadjaran University of Bandung, 2013, for his outstanding dedication and service in encouraging and developing human resources for the improvement of West Java Human Development Index (IPM).

Aher at the 5th IBRAF Conference agreed on 5 points.


1. Received 172 National Awards from Various Ministries and Institutions, in capacity as Governor of West Java during the period of June 2008-December 2014, including 4 (four) Satya Lencana from the President of the Republic of Indonesia. 2. Anugerah Tokoh Changes 2011 from Daily Republika.


After graduating from college, Ahmad Heryawan began his career as a teacher and preacher. He is active in teaching in several universities, among others: Faculty of Tarbiyah, Arabic and Sharia, at Al-Hikmah Jakarta Institute 1992-1994; Faculty lecturer Usuludin at the University of Ibnu Khlaldun Bogor 1994-1996; Vice Chairman of Jakarta Provincial People’s Legislative Council from 1999 to 2008, and West Java Governor 2008 until now.


Ahmad Heryawan’s career in politics began with the joining of the Justice Party (now the Prosperous Justice Party). Ahmad Heryawan was elected to one of the legislative members of DKI Jakarta Province in 1999; As Vice Chairman of DKI Jakarta Provincial Legislative period 2004-2009. In 2008 was elected as Governor of West Java period 2008-2013, and re-elected as Governor of West Java for the period of 2013-2018.